Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Farmer Wants a Wife strikes again

Everyone knows I am a reality TV junkie, but one of my favourite shows is Channel Nine's The Farmer Wants a Wife.

The show revolves around the concept that six single country bumpkins are presented with eligible city girls, in the hope that they may find love. As the show progresses, two women are chosen to join the farmer on his ranch for a week, where sparks will either fly or the girls will ship out.

While some farmers are obviously unprepared for female company, preferring to camp out in the shed with their dogs(aka James from Season 2), others hit it off straight away, leaving the 'other' girl to return home after an unsuccessful search and the couple to spend quality time together.

As much as people like to rubbish the show for sticking their nosy cameras into people's relationships, many do enter the show in earnest, and have indeed found love.

In terms of reality tv, a show is credited by not only its entertainment value but its end results, and The Farmer Wants a Wife has success stories to boast.

In the first season, Farmer Chris was smitten with Kim, and the feeling was obviously mutual as they married in June, a year and a day after their first meeting.

Furthermore, what triggered this blog was the news that Rob and Jo from Season 2 are set to soon tie the knot. They announced their engagement earlier this week:,21985,24629352-5012974,00.html. This came as no surprise considering they hit it off on their very first meeting, and were already making wedding and family plans in the season finale!

The Farmer Wants a Wife has managed one wedding ceremony per season, and keep them coming I say!

I look forward to Channel Nine's third season early 2009.
WEBSITE: Farmer Wants A Wife


Reality Raver said...

Will their wedding start off the first episode of series three??

Great show, not the usual reality TV show ponies.

However a lady who auditioned and got the speed dating section thought it was manipulated a bit. She wrote on a post on my blog.

Maryann said...

I'd expect so, considering they have actually had the wedding by that time, have permissions to film and also have had enough time to complete editing. It would be a good way to continue the great tradition they have established!