Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do people think before they call?

Now that I have had copious amounts of time to spend at home, it has been interesting to see the type of calls we receive during the middle of the day.

There is always the typical, "Ah hello, I am from Calcutta, India and I would like to know..." BEEP BEEP

But for two consecutive days a man has called to speak to my father. A "charity call" he says.

I don't know about you, but the majority of people on this entire planet, let alone Australia, GO TO WORK during the day. All you really have to do is think for a few moments to realise it is illogical to ring working families, particularly if you want to speak to the homeowner, in the middle of the day.

I completely understand that the people who call are also 'workers' and hence are employed at normal work hours. But in all honesty, it is a waste of their time and money to call the same people over and over again at the same time after they have been blatantly told, "Sorry, he's not here, he's at WORK."

If charities, who of course have good causes, want to contact the majority of people at home, they need to call after work hours.

However, this is when people firstly want to spend time with their families and not be bothered by phone calls, and secondly, when others would prefer sitting on their couch with a chilled beer watching Deal or No Deal rather than slouching over their office desk with a phone plastered to their ear.

It seems like a catch 22, but if one thing is for sure, neither side is benefiting, and more effective measures need to be put in place to ensure the charity is as productive as it is good-willed.

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