Friday, November 5, 2010

Chips, chocolate, lollies or live crabs?

Running late for work and need a tasty snack? Live crab is just a few dollars away for those commuting via the subway station in Nanjing, China.

A new vending machine dispensing live crabs has been installed in the subway following a business venture to offer locals a delicacy on demand.

One customer at the machine thought it a "cool" idea and another "convenient" because she said some people have to travel long distances to buy the crabs.

The crabs cost between $2 to $7 each depending on their size and around 200 crabs are sold daily.

The owner of the crab company has patented the crab-holding design, calling it "golden armour package."

Held at below 5 degrees Celsius to keep the crabs sleepy but still alive, they come with a guarantee that you will be compensated with three free ones if your crab is D.O.A.

Sounds quite farcical but a money-making venture nonetheless with prospects to expand to Shanghai and Beijing next year.

An international franchise? I’m not so sure.

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