Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to the Future's 2015 and our 2015?

The Back to the Future series is an 'oldie but a goodie'. Watching the second movie (Part 2) last night brought back fond memories of sitting around the television on Saturday family movie nights as a child.

What struck me most was the future world Robert Zemeckis and his co-creators envisioned for us. Yes, artistic liberties were taken but I wonder how much of the year 2015 presented in the film was in accordance with how advanced they really thought the world would be?

Take a look at some stills from the film:

Flying cars


Telephone calls via TV with all your contacts' information (age, address, spouse, likes, dislikes) displayed like a slideshow during the call.

Automatically adjustable jackets

Perhaps this promotional poster explains the mentality best:

Over 20 years later we can reflect on how accurate their prediction was/will most likely be. There are still five years to go but I would imagine flying cars and skateboards are not in our near distant future.

A shame really, but it is fun to not only anticipate the future but also reflect back on old movies to see if they were on the money!

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