Sunday, May 10, 2009


It has been so long since my last update, mainly because I have now started uni and need to keep a distinction average (NOTE: it's a requirement for me to keep my scholarship, and is proving more challenging than I originally imagined). I am also doing a play (Julie in Louis Nowra's Cosi) with a local theatre company.

The articles I just posted in a "mass post" are a combination of work I did at the Liverpool Leader (some things for their youth blog) and some little uni assignments.

At the moment I am enjoying getting into the whole 'journo thing'- ie. actually interviewing people and creating 'news' in a more professional sense.

I have just started co-hosting a radio sports show, Koori Radio sport. Koori Radio is Sydney's Indigenous Radio station, and although I am not Indigenous they have welcomed me into their community very warmly. It is proving challenging (as is waking up early to be in the city by 9am for a 10am-12noon time slot); radio and sports are two elements that don't come naturally, but my wonderful co-host Dan is a great support. :)

There is still hope that I will post reasonably regularly but sporadic clumps of posts are more probable.

Right now I want a part time job, in the media industry would be a triple treat, but regular and set hours would do wonders for my sanity in the time being!

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