Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just add Colin Firth

The Sydney University Darcy Society had the chance to re-acquaint themselves with Mr Darcy himself at last Tuesday's Easy Virtue movie screening.

Members of the society met at Dendy Newtown after their day at university to enjoy 'cheap Tuesday', free lollies, Colin Firth and the company of like minded period-drama loving folk.

Easy Virtue is the first period drama to hit cinemas this year, following the release of Brideshead Revisited and The Duchess in 2008.

President of the society, Claudette Palomares, believes the film was an ideal first event.
“It is a period drama that seems to be targeted for younger audiences despite its Noel Coward origins,” Ms Palomares said.
“The soundtrack contained some surprising contemporary touches such as period specific arrangements of 'Sex Bomb' and 'Car Wash' and I think most of us found these sly contemporary touches pretty entertaining.”

The film lacked the classic romantic idealism as epitomised in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice to enter the Darcy Society pantheon, however members agreed that it was refreshing to see their leading man on the silver screen.

Although the screening was an enjoyable affair Ms Palomares said in hindsight she would have arranged post-screening activities.
“The problem with film screenings was that you only have a little time to socialise before the movie starts and then when it finishes, everyone seemed to go separate ways,” she said.
“It probably wasn't the ideal first event but it is an easy way to encourage people to participate.”

The Darcy Society have many other events promising their trademark jam and scones planned for upcoming weeks.

The first of which will be held on Tuesday, March 31st, from 1-2pm where the first episode of Elizabeth Gaskell's classic North and South will be screened in the Education Seminar Room 323, Education Building.
“I've introduced a lot of people to period dramas through movie nights and it really is the best way to watch these type of films- with friends,” Ms Palomares said.

For more information on the Darcy Society and it's events, join the Darcy Society facebook group.

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