Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Peter and the Starcatcher on Broadway

Peter and the Starcatcher

Sunday, 11 November 2012
Brooks Atkinson Theatre, New York

Peter and the Starcatcher
is to Peter Pan what Wicked is to The Wizard of Oz; it offers a compelling and imaginative precursor to a literary and theatrical classic. Better still, it stands its own against its older and more popular sibling.

When an orphan boy and his mates find themselves on board the S.S. Neverland, they cross paths with the crooked pirate Black Stache and a boisterous 14-year-old Molly on a secret mission
with her father from Queen Victoria. Through a series of cargo mix-ups, pirate plunders, and island wash-ups, Peter transforms into the Pan we know him to be. 

Peter and the Starcatcher
(adapted for the stage by Rick Elice - who recently brought us The Addams Family) is clever, witty and very funny. Scenes flow seamlessly under Roger Rees and Alex Timber’s direction, and the pliability and ingeniousness of the set (design by Donyale Werle) makes for an exciting adventure. Slapstick, witty and camp humour caters to all ages, and jokes hit their mark more often than not. The ensemble cast deliver solid, energetic performances, with Matthew Saldivar's Black Stache a stand-out.

There are few flaws in this show, which runs like a tight ship, but some jokes are too bizarre to land firmly, and the chummy boat songs scattered throughout the show seem out-of-place (and, for a second, had me thinking it was a book-heavy musical).

Peter and the Starcatcher
is a show for the entire family, and a production I foresee having a long life performed everywhere from school halls to regional theatres and mainstage venues.

For tickets, visit: www.peterandthestarcatcher.com

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