Monday, May 23, 2011

Sydney adds another bow to its musical cap by securing world premiere of Strictly Ballroom musical

Only hours after discussing The Addams Family musical premiering in Sydney in March 2013, we have an even more exciting announcement from Events NSW; Strictly Ballroom the musical will make its world premiere in Sydney in September 2013.

In a style similar to Doctor Zhivago, producers have decided to test run a musical version of Baz Lurhmann's iconic film in Australia before it has to compete with the 'big boys' on Broadway or West End.

If Australian audiences are the guinea pigs I say all the better for us.

It means local casts and crews are being employed, which supports the great deal of talent we have in Australia.

Furthermore, international attention will fall on little ol' Australia to boost its musical theatre 'image'.

Best of all, the world premiere will help foster a theatre-appreciating audience who feel privileged to be the first to experience the show.

"Last week we announced Sydney was chosen for the Australian Premiere of The Addams Family. I said we’d bring major events back to Sydney - here's the proof," Premier Barry O'Farrell said.

While I hope he doesn't think we are stupid enough to think when he magically jumped into office in March this year all the important contracts that would have been milling for months (if not years) had been signed, this is another win for Sydney's theatre community.

All debts haven't been cleared yet, O'Farrell. If you give us a 1,500 plus seat theatre then I think you can start boasting about how you are moving Sydney forward in the right direction.

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