Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Co-host on 'The View', Elisabeth Hasselbeck, an inspiring Catholic

Today I was watching 'The View' while I ate lunch at home- ah the life of a post-high school and pre-university student! However, I was quite drawn to the show not only because of the pertinent topics of discussion- particularly the legal framework surrounding facebook (quite shocking if you read the fine print!) and Sarah Palin and her daughter's advocacy of abstinence- but because of the great role model one of the co-hosts of the show presented.

As a practicing Catholic, the only voice of moral reason for me out of the four ladies today was Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Honestly, I was expecting all the women to take the unreligious stance that contraception should be the way to go- blah blah blah.... and that was the other three women's tune, however to my surprise Elisabeth Hasselbeck stood up for what seems to be the silenced minority!

She discussed the danger of a lack of education on ALL of the options available to couples, and highlighted that abstinence is not only the only safe way but that it should be viewed by teenagers especially in a different light- that it is cool to say no and not be pressured into having sex out of wed-lock.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was raised a Catholic and lo and behold it appears she practices and advocates the Church's true doctrine even under the spotlight of media attention and in the face of people who strongly oppose her.

Sadly she was a minority in the debate but she is one strong woman- she was informed, sympathetic and understanding of the other view but at the same time she stood her ground and argued her point with firm confidence and intelligence.

Unfortunately people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck are very rare- and even more rare in higher-profile personalities, but to me, she is a breath of fresh air, and it is heartening to see a beautiful young woman married with kids standing up for the Catholic morals she believes in, in what has become in the 21st Century quite an immoral society (well at least in the eyes of a Catholic)-or rather a society that is prepared to showcase immorality rather than hide it.

Go Elisabeth! I hope she remains uncompromising in her stance and continues to stand up for what she and many others believe is good and true.

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